Hello, I'm Skipper, and I freaking love Banana Milk.

I set this blog/site up as a bit of a joke, and just because I want to share my love of banana milk.

I intend to try out various banana milks, from various suppliers, and review and score them.

Some background - I'm an ex-dairy farmer, so I know my milks (reasonably anyway...)

I apologise to any vegans looking for vegan things... You're out of luck here I'm afraid. These will be 100% dairy. (probably more like 80%, once you add the banana, and sugar, and whatever else)

It's a serious business... (Also this was the best photo I could find.. So it'll have to do for now)


The reviews will go here... But i've not made any yet... Thought I'd get the page sorted first.

Skip's banana milk recipe

So, I'm not a cook... I'm an ex-farmer, and current GIS specialist. So the quantities are... well, suspect.

How to make Skip's Banana Milk

  • 1 decent banana (fair trade... obviously, I'm not a monster)

  • 2 decent scoops of vanilla ice cream (cheap is fine)

  • 3/4 of a glass of milk (whatever glass you're going to use, this is 100% approximate, so you may get 1 and a half glasses of banana milk, which you'll either have to drink like a beast, or share awkwardly with someone, who gets the half?)

Stick everything in a blender, or use a stick blender. Blend it all up until it's a decent consistency (if you like lumps.... you go ahead and enjoy that... šŸ¤®)

When it's done, whack it into a glass. Drink. Boom.

It probably won't look like that photo on the left, it's a stock image. I'll get one next time I make it (but I'm writing this in the middle of Winter '22, so I'm not going to make any for a while)

Get in touch at Skipper@BananaMilk.co.uk